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Endoscopy (en-dahs-kuh-pee) is a medical procedure that uses tube-like instruments (called endoscopes) for various diagnosis and treatment. Over the last decade or so, many advancement in endoscopic tools have taken place to let doctors perform minimal invasive surgery. This type of surgery is sometimes called "keyhole" surgery.

When it is used for the belly (abdomen), it is called laparoscopic surgery. Instead of making one long surgical cut (incision), surgery is performed by making two or three small holes in the abdomen. It uses video camera, monitor and highly specialized instruments to perform procedures under direct vision.

There are many benefits to keyhole surgery. There is generally less blood loss, short hospital stay, faster recovery and less pain because the cuts are much smaller than in regular surgery. However it needs good team work of surgeons and anesthetists and also right choice of patient. The cost of these surgeries are higher than that of traditional one.The whole operative procedure can be recorded and can be viewed at any time.